Accidents that occur on motorways are usually serious. However, many of these could be avoided. Learner drivers are now allowed to drive on motorways when accompanied by a suitably qualified Driving Instructor such as ourselves.

Motorway driving does not form part of the Driving Test, owing to the time that it takes to reach a viable Motorway, most learner drivers choose to concentrate on the core elements of the Driving Test, which means that newly qualified drivers will have no experience of driving on them. The bulk of our pupils go on to book Motorway driving lessons with us after passing their Driving Test. Driving on the motorway is very different to normal driving because situations can develop much faster, and different rules apply.

If you have recently passed your test or are generally uncomfortable driving on motorways, these lessons will make sure you are safe to drive on them and give you the confidence and peace of mind to use these roads. In most cases, only a single session is required to ensure you are confident and skilled enough to drive safely on a Motorway.



Night driving presents a lot of new difficulties for the new or inexperienced driver. Just assessing another vehicles speed and distance is a lot harder, negotiating unlit country roads or poorly lit town roads are just another two of the extra problems of night driving. Our courses are designed to help you feel more comfortable driving in the dark.



• Having trouble parking?
• Lost confidence in your driving abilities following an accident?
• Just moved to the UK from abroad?
• Concerned about your driving ability as you get older?
• Have a new au-pair or nanny and want to check that they are safe to drive your children?

These are only a few reasons why people ask for refresher lessons.
Whatever your needs, we will be able to help you.